Electrical Engineer 2018 Summer Internship

At this moment, it is likely that you own twenty or more Sensata products. Our devices are hard at work helping to keep your home and vehicle safe, energy efficient, and environmentally sound. Sensata serves numerous industries; from automotive to aircraft to appliances to telecommunications. We are one of the world's leading suppliers of sensors, electrical protection, and power management solutions.
Our work is "inside the black-box" at the intersection of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and business disciplines. We turn physical phenomena (e.g., pressure, temperature, acceleration, position, speed, current, humidity, etc.) into electrical signals using a wide variety of technologies and materials. Sensata specializes in "mission critical" products that must function properly (often in harsh conditions) to control essential systems related to automotive brake performance, engine emissions, solar panel safety, and refrigeration efficiency, to name a few.
Sensata Interns have the unique opportunity to work on a technical project in one of our engineering divisions. Throughout the internship experience, you will receive direct feedback from peers and managers, engage with other interns in the program, and will have multiple learning opportunities through Lunch and Learn presentations and training courses.
Internship projects vary from year to year and are based on current business needs at the time of the internship. Specific details will be provided prior to your start date.
As an Electrical Engineering intern possible responsibilities could include:
Support multiple new applications, defining use of existing ASICs and new ASIC needs.
Build and test prototype samples.
Work in teams to solve complex technical problems and support high volume production lines.
Create engineering prints and specifications.
Use computers to model device performance and visualize complex designs.
Apply statistical methods to data analysis.
Interface with customers on key design issues.
Work in teams to identify and implement the best possible solutions and support high volume production lines.
Responsible for designing, developing, modifying and evaluating electronic parts, components or integrated circuitry for electronic equipment and other hardware systems.
Determines design approaches and parameters.
Analyzes equipment to establish operating data, conducts experimental tests and evaluates results.
Selects components and equipment based on analysis of specifications and reliability.
Successful candidates will be able to:
apply core engineering concepts to solve complex, unfamiliar, and novel problems
clearly and concisely communicate complex information to peers, managers, and customers
take initiative and think creatively
overcome obstacles and tenaciously drive to achieve goals
achieve results with teams, as a colleague and as a leader
Must be currently pursuing B.S., M.Eng., or M.S. in mechanical engineering (from an accredited program)
3.0/4.0 grade point average minimum
U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident is NOT required for this position, however proper work authorizations will be required.
Our employees are the reason we have been successful in the past and the reason we will be successful in the future. Employees' skills, talents and work ethic have defined the business and will shape our collective future.
Our Vision is to be:
A world leader and early innovator in mission-critical sensors and electrical protection
Satisfying the world's growing need for safety, energy efficiency and a clean environment
A partner, employer, and neighbor of choice.
NOTE: If you are a current Sensata employee (or one of our Affiliates), please back out of this application and log into Workday via the Company Intranet to apply directly. Type FIND JOBS in the Workday search bar.

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