Design Engineering Technician - Performance Sensing

Company Name:
Sensata Technologies
Position Type:
These positions are in support of the design and development of sensor products used primarily in the transportation segment. These sensors are used to measure pressure, temperature, speed and position using a variety of technologies (capacitive/piezoresistive/magnetic/etc.)
Candidate will be responsible for:
Supporting design engineers with performance and durability testing, prototyping, design documentation and product and process analysis of electro-mechanical sensors.
Performing test set up and data collection; statistically analyze and summarize engineering data collected from experiments and durability testing.
Working in teams to provide the required support effort for successful project completion, and continuously improving processes and design methods.
Job Requirements:
A.S. in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Additional Details:
This role requires a hands-on candidate with strong mechanical build and testing skills to support both sustaining products and new product development.
The job requires both individual and team interaction in meeting policy deployment goals where interaction with other design technicians and engineers will be interlaced with potential interaction with process engineers, marketing engineers and purchasing personnel.
The work environment is challenging, fast paced, and involves analytical thinking and design with hands-on experimentation and testing.
We are a dynamic organization with rapidly changing business and technical priorities.

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