Job Coach - Adult Residential

INTRODUCTION: The Job Coach (JC) is responsible for implementation of vocational training and support of individuals in either supported employment site(s) or within the agency supported site(s). The JC is also responsible for supervising the personnel in their assigned areas; assuring that data is collected and recorded as designed; and reading and recording in daily logs. Responsibilities will also include but are not limited to participation in planning and teaching of vocational tasks, and facilitation of appropriate socialization within the work setting. The JC is expected to have and maintain expertise in the particular vocational area they oversee.
SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm
LOCATION: Attleboro, MA
-Implements individual training in vocational placement at Amego or at supported employment site.
-Acts as an advocate for all assigned individuals.
-Participates in all in house training on tasks to be done in supported employment site.
-Completes all established required communication and other documentation system requirements for the individuals assigned, i.e. communication log, report forms, inventories, incident reports, family contacts, etc. Assures that all communication is accurate and positive.
-Follows the chain of command by reporting any problems or issues to immediate supervisor, in a timely manner.
-Serves as a role model for staff in all areas of service delivery, professional practices, and programming.
-Responsible for understanding, completing and modeling all of the tasks of the job site, i.e. bagging groceries, trimming hedges, etc.
-Assists in the orientation and training of personnel assigned to the site or crew.
-Implements the individual Behavior Management programs in site, in transit or at Amego crew location(s). Conveys input and assists in the program design or revision, as needed.
-Documents individual progress on tasks being performed and completed.
-Attends all Vocational department team meeting and attends and maintains all agency or department required trainings. Stays abreast of current work and supported employment field educational opportunities.
-Provides input on environmental, supply, and equipment needs when necessary for crew or supported employment site. May be responsible for an inventory of equipment and maintenance schedule for site assignment.
-Assures that work location(s) is kept clean, organized and safe. Will assure that specific locking of areas is completed if required.
-Maintains professional appearance at work site. May be required to wear a specific uniform, for assigned location.
-Maintains and fosters relationships between Amego, the individual(s) and supported employment employers.
-Assures the completion of required documentation and assessments, i.e. merit ratings, time sheets.
-Establishes and assures the follow through on a routine schedule of activities for the individuals and staff assigned to the crew. When necessary, coordinates changes under the supervision of management personnel in the Vocational program.
-Responsibly oversees and balances all assigned funding systems, i.e. Purchase orders, petty cash, etc.
-Administers medications as prescribed by individual(s) physician, as scheduled. Maintains accurate medication records for individuals. Holds and maintains current Medication Certification status. Maintains established policies and procedures established by the DPH and Amigo nursing personnel to insure the quality health care of the individuals.
-Ensures that Amego's policy on Clients Rights are implemented in all areas of programming and services.
-Supports and directs all Amego personnel assigned to same work location. Assures that they are following established agency policy, as well as individual programs. Seeks management assistance for direction as needed.
-Monitors the implementation of routines, individual schedules and programs on a daily basis in the assigned area(s). Works as an active and constructive team member in all duties.
-Maintains good communication skills (oral and written) with co-workers, administrative staff, individuals, families and caseworkers.
-Maintains attendance and punctuality.
-Adheres to all policies and procedures relating to timekeeping.
1. College degree and previous supervisory experience is strongly preferred, but not required.
2. Previous experience in a specific vocation is required for some JC positions, i.e. Lawn Crew- landscaping. Must display an expressed interest in the education of individuals with special needs.
3. Maturity, good judgment and ability to work cooperatively and comfortably with people in the community. Can be trusted to work with limited supervision and shows initiative when doing so.
4. Committed to the ideal and practice of Supported Employment.
5. Good communication skills.
6. Must maintain a current, valid driver's license and ability to provide own transportation, if needed.
Printed Name:____________________
7. Current CPR, First Aid, and Medication Administration Certification or willing to obtain certifications.
8. Experience in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). Community Inclusion, and Principles of Normalization. Experience in providing services to individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.